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Silver plated giraffe moneybox

From 11.99

Compare Money Box Shop - Silver plated giraffe moneybox
More Details...

A silver plated giraffe money box which is suitable for both boys and girls and makes a wonderful Christening gift or birthday present. The money slot is in the giraffe's back.

Kiddiwinks car money boxes

From 9.50

Compare Money Box Shop - Kiddiwinks car money boxes
More Details...

A great resin car money box from the kiddiwinks range. This great item is hand painted in blue with contrasting stars down both sides. These money boxes would be an ideal first money box or birthday gift.

Holiday fund money boxes

From 9.59

Compare Money Box Shop - Holiday fund money boxes
More Details...

An unusual holiday fund money box which is painted on the front with hot air balloons and the words with love on the large baloon is a great way of saving for that holiday you are dreaming of.

Pink polka dot shoe money box

From 10.50

Compare Money Box Shop - Pink polka dot shoe money box
More Details...

Fantastic resin high heeled shoe money box with a fabric finish in black with pink polka dots and decorated with 2 contrasting bows in black and pink with a crystal in the centre. These money boxes would make a great gift or present for any girl who loves shoes.

Splity Camper Van moneybox Kit

From 7.50

Compare Money Box Shop - Splity Camper Van moneybox Kit
More Details...
A detailed paint your own bisque moneybox model of the classic VW split screen camper van made by Moneyboxshop. Paint it to look like your own, or how you would like one. Includes five poster paints and paint brush. A great kids entertainment gift or childs party fun.
Caravan money box

From 9.99

Compare Money Box Shop - Caravan money box
More Details...

A twin wheeled caravan money box which is hand painted white with a grey stripe. This item would be ideal for the caravan lover.

This item can be personalised on the rear number plate up to eight digits. please specify when ordering under the note section on Paypal.

Kiddiwinks owl money box

From 9.59

Compare Money Box Shop - Kiddiwinks owl money box
More Details...

A wonderful resin owl in the kiddiwinks collection painted in shades of pink with large white and black eyes. It has a circle shaped pattern to its body and would make a great way for a youngster to save their pennies.

Teddy Bear money box

From 10.80

Compare Money Box Shop - Teddy Bear money box
More Details...

A great resin teddy bear money box sitting down and holding a blanket. This lovey textured teddy bear comes in a choice of colours and is suitable for both girls and boys and would make an ideal first money box.

To view other colours/designs click on the more details under the picture and use the drop down box to change image.

Wooden pig money box

From 15.85

Compare Money Box Shop - Wooden pig money box
More Details...

A wonderful wooden pig money box with a clear tummy so that you can see the money mounting up inside. This money box has a secret lock so that you can retrieve your money (instruction on the back of the box). A great way to save for the things you want.

Kids Princess money tins

From 2.99

Compare Money Box Shop - Kids Princess money tins
More Details...
A Square metal tin money box aimed at the younger child which has a different pictures on all four sides and the words 'make a wish' on the top. This little princess money tin is designed by Rachel Ellen and has a stopper in the bottom to enable easy access to the cash inside.
Dreaming fairy money boxes

From 11.99

Compare Money Box Shop - Dreaming fairy money boxes
More Details...

A wonderful resin money box depicting a sleeping fairy curled up on a rock which has the words 'saving for my dreams' written on it. The wings of the fairy are pliable and can be moved to different positions

Large wedding fund pig money box

From 11.99

Compare Money Box Shop - Large wedding fund pig money box
More Details...

A really large pig money box painted in cream and decorated in silver with two wedding rings and the words 'wedding fund'. These pig money boxes are bound to inspire you to save for the big day.


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